Saahas comprises a directory of support across 196 countries, a database of guidance notes on understanding gender-based violence and ways to respond to them. The directory of support comprises over 40000 organizations across 196 countries offering medical, legal, education / employment, resources (food, shelter, clothing, emergency support), consular and refugee-specific support, police and ambulance services for survivors of gender-based violence and child support services. Survivors who have faced violence either don’t know where to go for help, or don’t have resources to find out where to go for help. Sometimes, their situation prevents them from finding help, and that can be extremely dangerous to their safety. The name Saahas, in Hindi, translates to mean “Courage.” The app recognizes that a survivor’s choice to stand up to violence and a bystander’s choice to intervene in a case of violence is an act of courage.

We are looking to collaborate with like-minded individuals and organizations that work on the issues of climate change, water conservation, women’s empowerment, environmental awareness and education.

Join us to learn how we are making a change and how you can contribute to it!

We will also send you updates about upcoming screenings so you can watch the film in your city.

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Talking To The Wind © 2019

a documentary about the aftermath of Maharashtra drought

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