Suneeta Panchal has been taking care of her six children since her husband passed away eleven years ago. She wants to marry off the daughters and educate her only son.

Dnyanoba Salgar, a small cotton farmer from Beed, India, hopes that his children won’t have to live the life that he endured.

Shantabai Rupnar continues to work for a living at an old age because of her alcoholic son. She wants her granddaughter to study and have opportunities that she was unable to have.

Gulaab Rupnar, a young farmer, wants to educate farmers in his village and help them reap the fruits of their hard work by removing

the middleman.

Manisha Panchal, Suneeta's youngest daughter is studying in 9th grade and wants to become a police officer.

Monica Rupnar studies from home for her 12th grade exam and helps out her mother Suneeta at the farm.

Namrata Rupnar (Shantabai's granddaughter and best friend) is excited to start school soon.

Talking To The Wind © 2019

a documentary about the aftermath of Maharashtra drought

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